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18 comments on “Photo Gallery

  1. Cool pictures, some of those fish and coral are beautiful!!! Going in the small spaces looks a little scary. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Where are all the tourists? Or are you avoiding the places they go? Looks so interesting……. glad you are keeping us up to date with pics of where you are. The electric works on Khaosan Road remind me of Cozumel, looks exactly the same!!! I’m sure you are loving the food, it seems right up your alley!!! Mom

    Sure is nice to see you. As I said before, this 13 hr differential is so wierd. We’re basically sleeping during your most active part of each day! Its unusually warm here today, so may lose what snow we have left. Stay safe and have fun. Love, Dad

  3. you finally did get off…great to see these photos of the start of this fantastic trip (I should be saying all this in German…).
    enjoy and I look forward to seeing more pics and read your stories.
    Happy new year… and best wishes.

    • Thanks Robert- we have actually been able to practice our German a little on the trip- running into a fair number of Germans on our journey:) So hopefully we won’t fall too far behind.
      Happy New Year!
      Stef and John

  4. Just showed Annie the monkey pictures and she would like to see a picture of you holding one!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And she would like to see more pictures of monkeys. AND she would like to see Aunt Steffie in a beautiful dress. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I love the picture of all the latterns in China Town! The pictures are amazing, it all look so exciting! Keep posting so we can have some escapism from behind our desk in the daily hamster wheel of work! We check literally daily in the office! Love to you both x

  6. Stef! This looks amazing. Hope you are enjoying yourself. The bungalow was almost too much. Maybe I should come and make sure you guys are doing ok. ๐Ÿ™‚ Love you and miss you. Oh, and I think we are going to get a world map and follow your trip with the girls. It will be our little geography lesson.

    love you!

  7. Annie, Lucy and I are sitting here looking at your pictures. Here are Annie’s thoughts… “please, I want that you come to my house. And, please, I love you Aunt Steffie and John. Please, I want you to see my beautiful muffin (purse) that I made with my daddy.” That is what she wanted to say.

    She loved looking at the fish. She thought Nemo was really cool. We love you guys. Enjoy. We would love to Skype whenever you have a good shot!

  8. Dad says: incredible! Some really nice additions! I’m thinking there will be some nice prints on the walls of your place someday soon!
    Love, dad

  9. Hey you two! Really amazing photos – brightens up my lunch break in a cold, rainy, windy England. My bike has been well lit throughout the winter though, thanks to you two! Though it’s now almost light enough to cycle back home without it!

    Take care and enjoy Japan. Make the most of the food and the onsen!


  10. Annie wanted to look at your pictures again. Anytime she saw a picture of the two of you together she said “AAAHHHHHHH.” So cute! Love you guys.

    This is from Annie: “I want you to see a castle. I want you to have marry. I want you to have a wreath. I wish you could have a beautiful book like me. I miss you and love you.”

    Quality stuff!

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