Contacting Us

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If you need or would like to contact us during the trip, please see the phone numbers and email addresses below. Alternatively you can leave comments on the blog or message us on facebook.

1) Google voice phone number: +1 651-560-6680 – rings to both our iPhones if we have our international SIMs in. This phone in theory should work anywhere in the world as long as we have phone signal.

2) UK number: +44 (0)7700 076022 – rings our GeoSim. This phone should work in most places, although occasionally we might not have it on. From the UK, it’s worth trying this one first and then the US number if you can’t get us on this one.

Email: Stef –
John –

We’ll also leave updates here of any local phone numbers that we are likely to get in countries where we are staying for at least 3 weeks – e.g. Thailand, Nepal, Australia etc.

International SIMs are expensive here, so we have a local SIM (with data, so we should be good on email and the blog):

+63 9196393541

So feel free to call! If you call with SkypeOut it would be the cheapest way. We are currently 7 hours ahead of London and 13 hours ahead of Minnesota.

One comment on “Contacting Us

  1. Greetings from Bayfield on Feb. 12th. Sunny and NO ICE in the bay. Not much snow this year! Too cold for x-country skiing, so ran into town and back. Larry and Kathy and Tom and Mary here for the weekend. Lots of fun. On our way to Alpena tomorrow. Then back to Bayfield next Friday, then home. Leave for Naples on Sat. the 25th.

    Missing hearing from you as you have been out of communication for several days now. Hope all is going great!

    Love, Dad

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