Catching Up- a post from Stef even though it says John (it always does that)

We are in Auckland- flew in from Sydney yesterday. We have 4 days here before we head out to explore the North Island. We decided to spend this time catching up on things and planning as we will be unable to do so in French Polynesia. So we have an awesome flat with a full kitchen and plan to cook in and just relax for awhile.

John making one of our favs- beef & walnut risotto and the white wine we randomly bought to cook with (the best deal at the store) turned out to be an outstanding drinking wine:)


So apologies in advance for some blog entries which are massively out of order. We will move them around in a bit but for now- they are posting as I write them!

July 9 we head to French Polynesia for 5 weeks!! We won’t have internet as some of the islands will be very remote. We still have a mobile phone for emergencies and will be able to check email occassionally but otherwise, we are pretty unplugged from July 9-August 17.


Hello to my friends in Swindon- I miss you guys and can’t wait to catch up in person in November. I hope you aren’t working too hard:) Plan a BOP day soon and someone get a ham, cheese and egg one for me! They are the best, I swear!


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