30 Yuan noodle dinner for two

After our 22hr train journey on basic rations, we needed to find some food. We walked around the town in Luoyang and found this fast-food style noodle restaurant, where our food set us back 12 yuan each ($2) and the local beer was only 3 yuan ($0.50) each for a big bottle – and it’s really a good beer (relatively for china) – as good as Tsingtao which usually goes for 10-20 yuan a bottle in bars/restaurants. Winner!

Stef has been studying the chinese way of stuffing noodles down super-fast and is try to blend in:


2 comments on “30 Yuan noodle dinner for two

  1. Please bring the empty bottles home! I’m brewing a new batch of Irish Summer Ale. Hope to have some left when you return. Enjoyed all the photos and commentary. Love you guys!!