Fun and games with chinese trains

Having failed to get a tibet permit approved, we must move on from Chengdu. There are no tickets available on Friday night to Xi An, so we decide to go to Zhengzhou first to visit the Shaolin Monastery, and from there we’d be on the high speed train system – a bullet train to Xi An in about 4 hrs a couple of days later. There are many more train options from Chengdu to Zhengzhou, so we were able to get soft sleepers on our 4th choice of train. It’s a 25hr trip so we definitely need the most comfortable option!

Looking at the schedule, I see that our train goes through Xian on the way to Zhengzhou.. So why no tickets on it to Xian?! Just one of the many oddities of the chinese train system.. (Stef says – annoyances!)

Tomorrow morning we go to see the panda’s then late afternoon we board our longest train trip ever!

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