Longsheng “Dragon’s Backbone” rice terraces at Ping ‘An

We finally found a peaceful place in China! OK, there are still street sellers here and one bar playing loud music in the evening, but it’s close enough!

Ping An is a beautiful village amongst historic rice terraces. You have to run the gauntlet of package day tours and a big ticket office to get here, but once you do and stay the night (the tour groups are all gone by early afternoon), it’s quiet and calm, the views are amazing, and it begins to feel like the rural China I expected.

We’re only spending two nights as we need to move on to Chengdu, and unfortunately it rained most of the morning so we missed our chance to do a long hike to the next two villages (not sure Stef was too upset about that – she was commenting about “flashbacks of Nepal” on the hike up with our backpacks yesterday). But we had a really nice walk to some viewpoints up the hills behind the villafe this afternoon – and we tried the bamboo chicken rice which is stuffed inside the bamboo and barbecued.

Our hotel has the most amazing views (more pictures to follow) – we got the best room in the place – on the corner with windows on two sides overlooking the rice terraces. It cost twice what we paid in Yangshuo but it’s nice for a break before we go back to hostel accommodation.

Ping An village surronded by rice terraces:


2 comments on “Longsheng “Dragon’s Backbone” rice terraces at Ping ‘An

  1. What a beautiful view you had!!!!!! To bad about the rain…. I’m sure Stef would have enjoyed the walk. :-) You guys are continuing to see some amazing things. Glad you are writing about them so we can enjoy them too. Thanks!!

  2. hey now! I would have enjoyed it- it’s just hiking with a heavy pack that I whine about!
    Glad to share them with you- fun to know that you are keeping up with us! Love you