Staying connected affordably – International and Local SIMs

In order to stay connected with family and friends, keep this blog updated and the usual email/facebook requirements, we’ll be taking unlocked phones and a couple of international travel SIMs, plus buying local pre-pay SIMs in countries where we’ll be staying long enough to justify it. So we can post an update from Everest Base Camp or make an international phone call from the Phillipines for no not much more than it would cost us in the UK.

But which international SIM is best for the countries we are visiting? In which countries is it worthwhile buying a local SIM? I feel a spreadsheet coming on! Click the image below for the full analysis.. we already have a GeoSIM (very useful for a local US number attached to a UK SIM) – but it looks like we’ll also want to get a OneSimCard too.

Probably we’ll keep the OneSimCard in one of the phones so people can call us – in many countries we can answer the call for free, and it’ll cost the caller only as a normal local call.

Some people may say that staying connected is missing the opportunity to totally unplug and experience life disconnected – perhaps, and each to their own. There will be some places where we will be totally disconnected for weeks at a time (e.g. Indonesia diving boat, mountains of Nepal, ¬†and perhaps some South Pacific Islands) – but we can always have the phones switched off and in our bags if we want. I’m sure our families and friends will appreciate the occasional update so they know we are still alive, and it’s good to know that the option to make a call is there most of the time – for safety reasons as well.



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