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We were totally exhausted by the time we got here last night – I had had only about 30 mins of napping sleep in the last 42 hours.. so we slept for 12 hrs until around 11am. The last legs of the journey didn’t really help with a 1.5hr bus ride, followed by waiting for nearly an hour for a ferry (last ferry of the night I think), followed by a 10-15 min trike ride (similar to the moto tuk-tuks we used on Lanta, not the safest form of transport).. so we didn’t get in to our place until nearly 11.30pm.

Then we went out for a quick look at the beaches (our side of the island = windy, waves for wind surfing and kit surfing… other side 10 mins walk away = calm for sunbathing and swimming) and we went to the supermarkets to buy some provisions. It’s really nice to have a basic kitchen – we have a fridge, two gas hobs and an electric toaster oven plus all the necessary pans and dishes.. so we got breakfast items and had a basic brunch when we got back. Provisions are expensive here (e.g. milk is $2-$2.50 a litre.. UHT only. Cheese cost us $6), but restaurants can be relatively cheap (if we’re careful).. so it probably only makes sense to use the kitchen for breakfast and the odd other meal.. we still need to find the market area (D’Talipapa) to see if we can get fish and vegetables cheap enough to make it worth cooking a dinner in once or twice.. which we’d really look forward to as we haven’t done this for the last 3.5 months!

Stef is still feeling a bit rough from the last bout of food poisoning in Kathmandu (it made the long journey a bit unpleasant for her.. but at least she slept more than me).. so she is having a nap again now, but hopefully we can go out for a swim later.

The view from our apartment – you can just about see the sea at Bulabog beach


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  1. Dave here: We’ve been checking out Boracay on Google. Looks like Paradise!! John, you really did your research for this trip!! Its 6:30 pm here, so 7:30 AM there. Hope you had a good night’s sleep and getting relaxed and warmed up! Take care and we’ll talk to you soon.