Off to Boracay to recover

We are flying overnight to Hong Kong then we have a fun 12 hour layover there before our flight to Kalibo in the Philippines. Hopefully we will get some good nap time in the airport. From Kalibo it will take us about two hours to get to Boracay. We splashed out and booked a nice place with a living area and small kitchen for 8 nights so we can feel a bit more settled.. We haven’t spent more than 3 or 4 nights in one place for the last two months!

Then we will be travelling to three other spots in Philippines before moving on to China.

2 comments on “Off to Boracay to recover

  1. The time coming up sounds like well-deserved rest! Some bad parts in the south Phillipines I’ve heard (Jim Norblum’s son in law comes from the Philapines). Don’t know much more, but I’m sure that John has checked things out. Again, glad you’re getting some rest coming up! Fun Easter, but exhausting. Picked Jim up today and he joined us. Very nice.

    Sorry I missed your call. Travel well. Love you, Dad

    • Hi!

      We’re not going to the south.. sticking to Boracay, Donsol and Northern Palawan, which are all quite safe. A couple of nights in Manila due to necessity, but we’ll try to stay out of trouble ;-)

      Glad you had a fun easter, we kind of missed out on it this year.

      Stef says “uhhhhhh” (she’s in a bit of a post-nap daze here after very little sleep and approaching 1pm the next day).. ;-)