EBC and Island Peak Trek – Day 15

Pangboche (3930m) to Namche (3440m) via Phungi Thanga (3250m)

We’ve now completed nearly 3000 metres of descent in 3 days, between Island Peak Summit and our stop for lunch today. My left knee is really beginning to feel that much pressure. By lunch tomorrow it will be 3580m descent over 4 days. The upside is that we feel really fit at these lower altitudes.

Plus, now we’re back in civilisation, we have 3G coverage and got to take our first shower in 2 weeks!

One comment on “EBC and Island Peak Trek – Day 15

  1. Welcome Back!! Mom and I have followed you closely.
    Wondering how (if at all) your experience would compare to the last 6 k of a marathon? I’m thinking I’d rather run a marathon…and back!

    Now you are in such good shape, everything else you do will seem like it requires so much less energy. Nice to have oxygen in the air I’ll bet!!

    Love you guys, Dad & Mom