EBC and Island Peak Trek – Day 10

Kala Patar climb (5550m) and hike back to Dingboche (4343m)

Today was pretty tough – we woke up at 5.30 and set out shortly before 6.30 to climb Kala Patar. It had snowed during the night and it was very cold before the sun got high enough to warm us up. Stef in particular was suffering from the altitude, and it was a very slow ascent. But the views from the top were spectacular – particularly the Khumbu glacier and Everest Base Camp, frame by the vast bulk of Everest behind the even more impressive looking Nuptse. The climb down was much quicker and we were back in Gorak Shep for breakfast around 0930. We took our time and set out on the long hike down to Dingboche (which took 2 days on the way up) around 1100. Stef was having a bad headache again, and it took us over 3 hrs down to Thukla for a late lunch. I started feeling really nauseous there, which made the remaining 1.5 hrs to Dingboche in the freezing cold wind really uncomfortable.. Stopping occasionally to dry-heave but never successfully throwing up.

Now back in Dingboche, we are both extremely exhausted from the days of trekking, the altitude and the cold. I’m still feeling like I might get sick, and while Stef is fine now, she is worried about how she’ll feel going back up to high altitude and the cold.

We’re supposed to hike to Island Peak Base Camp tomorrow.. I’m really not sure if we’re going to be up for it, probably I will be the limiting factor if I get sick in the night. We’ll discuss with our guide in the morning – we also have concerns about staying warm enough sleeping there when we’ve already needed to use the extra blankets supplied by the lodges up here, in addition to our sleeping bags.

I’m really keen on doing everything possible to complete the climb, but I need to be healthy and I’m not currently feeling it!

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