Kathmandu, ready for everest region trekking, phone number update

We still owe posts on Japan and Bhutan, hopefully we will complete them in the next couple of days. We’re in now in Kathmandu after a fantastic trip to Bhutan (Bhutan was AMAZING). Unfortunately Kathmandu is impressing us much less – our first instance of theft from a bag stored “securely” at our Kathmandu hotel while we were in Bhutan – a dive computer which was quite expensive (and essential to replace before I dive next), so we had to make two visits to the tourist police station already to get an investigation and report, so we can claim on insurance.. and the investigation still won’t be resolved until 7th April. At least the tourist police appeared to do their jobs with some element of fairness, and the hotel managers seemed genuinely concerned about the impact to them if the report gets filed (maybe they can “find” the item before the 7th). Plus it is extremely noisy, smelly and polluted here, which is not offset enough by particularly cheap prices (as far as asia goes anyway) or incredible cultural sights, as far as we have seen to date.


On Tuesday we fly to Lukla and begin our trek. We should be able to keep in touch most of the way to Everest Base Camp via our mobile phones. Our international SIMs are expensive here even to receive calls, so I’ve got a local SIM on the following number:

+977 9818308712

So feel free to call! If you call with SkypeOut it would be the cheapest way. We are (bizarrely) 5hrs 45 mins ahead of London (the only country in the world that keeps a 15 minute offset – it was weird setting our watches 15 mins forward/back when going to/from Bhutan).



The SIM card also has a cheap internet package so I hope to be able to post blog updates (but maybe not good enough for pictures) while on the trail. I’ll endeavour to do this every day as a trek log, although sometimes it may be a few days before we can upload (e.g. when we go off the main route towards Island Peak).

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  1. Thanks for update. Sunday night here and 5:00 AM Mon leave for airport with the kids and taking Uncle Eric as well. Hope you are feeling better and have a wonderful experience going forward. Hope to talk to you soon. Love, Dad