Liking Koh Lanta!

So we only just arrived this afternoon on the ferry from Railey, but aready we’ve decided we like it here and will stay a few days, or even a week. We’ve got a bungalow for 880 baht that is better than any accommodation we’ve had since we left bangkok, and the price will drop to 600 baht (£12/$18) from tomorrow which is even just under our budget. We’re a stones throw from a huge beach, which whilst it isn’t in as stunning a landscape setting as Railey, it’s uncrowded and very pleasant with nicer water than at Railey.

We’re comparing some dive shops to figure out if we can afford one or two days diving whilst we’re here.

One comment on “Liking Koh Lanta!

  1. That’s more like it! Hope you can relax and stay put for awhile. Going to be a warm day (52) here in MN and more like April I think. Thanks for the up-dates. We love you. Dad (and Mom).