Goodbye Bangkok, on the train heading south

2 days in Bangkok was enough, and now we’re eager to get to the beaches in the south, to find out if all those perfect postcard pictures of Railey are real after all.

It’s an 8.5 hr, 1000km train journey followed by a 3+ hr bus ride, but i’m already feeling better for having left Bangkok behind. The cramped, hectic, polluted views are replaced by open countryside with sharp karst mountains which hint at the wonderful coastal scenery to come. I want to smell fresh sea breezes not the confusing mixture of street food aromas mixed with rotting garbage and cat piss!

I can see that Bangkok has its attractions for party-goers, and we even found some interest and a nice time spending the afternoon at the Grand Palace, but we decided that whilst it was a good experience to visit, Bangkok isn’t the place for us.

I think the places around the south will be much more to our liking, and we have nearly 3 weeks to drift around between Railey, Phi Phi, Khao Lak, Khao Sok National Park and Koh Lanta. We’ll get a few dives in on the similan islands, perhaps some trekking, and alot of relaxing and time spent trying to make our money go as far as possible! A $20-per-day budget each is OK here, but you really need to be careful and calculate every purchase, as just one evening at a bar or eating in a proper restaurant would blow it. So, i am hoping to find a beer at some point in the next few days, but i have a rule that it has to cost less than 50 baht (£1) – normally wouldnt be too much of an issue here (to put it into perpective, our accommodation tonight will cost 350 baht -£7/$10 for a room for both of us) but i’m expecting it to be a challenge on peak season in the tourist areas.


3 comments on “Goodbye Bangkok, on the train heading south

  1. Beautiful countryside! Observations on the big city are likely shared by many I suspect. The contrast will be welcome and positively severe! Hope the travel went well. Enjoy the sun! Thanks for the update. M&D

  2. Hi John and Stef! I’m just catching up with the travel blog and I’m astonished at the TINY backpack that is “home” for the next 9+ months! Pretty sure my cosmetic bag is larger than that! 😉 I’m so excited to live vicariously through you on your trip around the world! Safe travels!

    • Hi Susan!

      Glad to hear that you’re tracking us. Actually the packs really are too much compared with what we were aiming for – 13-15kg grew into 20 kgs (44 lbs) by the time we were done, with some dive gear. Hopefully when we’re done with most of our diving we can lighten the load a bit.

      Stef sends her love,