Having a drink at the top of the tallest building in Thailand

Our one treat while in Bangkok, on our last evening here, is to come up to the 83rd floor bar of the Baiyoke Sky Hotel for a drink (the only alcohol we’ve afforded since we got here). By coincidence this hotel, the 4th tallest all-hotel structure in the world, is only 200 yds from where we’re staying. So we’re enjoying looking down on the little buildings below, trying to figure out which one is our hotel.

The visibility is obviously terrible and reinforces our views about how bad the pollution is here. Our lungs will appreciate some fresh sea air when we get to the southern coast tomorrow.

After our drink here we’ll be off to find some dinner for a sixth of the price of our cocktails!


2 comments on “Having a drink at the top of the tallest building in Thailand

  1. It reminds dad you your little trip to the John Hancock building as you sit there. 🙂
    Unbelievable the prices of things, what did you end up having for dinner?

  2. 83rd floor?????????? Really???? And you looked down. What are you thinking?????????
    So glad you made it safely to your first destination. Will try to keep up with you guys!!! Have a wonderful time. Soak it all in-not the bad air though!!