Top 5 Stoopid things we did in Aruba

1. We went out walking down the beach on a rainy day thinking we didnt need sun lotion. We got sunburned.
2. After we got 5km down the beach we stopped for coffee at a hotel. Couldn’t find our wallets in the bag, turned out we left them in our room.
3. I didn’t get new swimming shorts before the trip despite knowing that my old ones had an uncomfortable lining. After the 10k walk I have a bad chafing rash in the groin area and will NOT be wearing those shorts again!
4. I cut my finger on a bottle cap while trying to open a bottle of Balashi beer with a dumbass swiss army knife.
5. On a rainy night we went out for dinner without our waterproof jackets. A torrential downpour hit us within 60 secs of leaving and we got soaked to the skin. And I was stoopid enough to choose to take the non waterproof camera instead of the waterproof one!

Stay tuned for “Top 5 Stoopid Things” we do in other countries around the world!

One comment on “Top 5 Stoopid things we did in Aruba

  1. Can’t wait to hear about the rest of the trip!!!!! Maybe all the stupid things happen on the first trip!