Wreck and Reef Diving in Aruba

We’ve done two days of diving (4 dives of 6) with Clive of Dive Aruba. It’s been a great, relaxed and stress-free experience. So far we dived:

- Sonesta Airplanes – first time I’ve been able to swim inside an aircraft cabin! Weird!

- Funnel Coral Reef

- Jane Sea Wreck – 250′ cement freighter in 60-90 ft of water. Really nice dive, with easy swimming around the cargo hold

- Barcadero Reef – shallower dive in 30-40′ – was supposed to be a drift dive but the current was so slight, it was more of just a “one-way dive”. Longest dive so far – nearly an hour.

We also got to test out our camera for the first time while scuba diving (with 40m housing). For the cost and size, the results are pretty good.. here’s an example of a Squirrel Fish.. More photos to follow.

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