OneWorld Explorer LONE4 RTW Ticket Itinerary

Here is the itinerary we booked under the OneWorld Explorer Ticket (LONE4):

London to Bangkok : 
Bangkok to Tokyo : 
Tokyo to Hong Kong : 
Hong Kong to Kathmandu : 
Kathmandu to Hong Kong : 
Hong Kong to Cairns : 
Cairns to Brisbane : 
Brisbane to Adelaide : 
Adelaide to Sydney : 
Sydney to Auckland : 
Auckland to Santiago : 
Santiago to Easter Island 
Easter Island to Lima :
Lima to Quito :
Quito to Buenos Aires : 
Buenos Aires to London :

Additionally we will need to book separate flights for the following:

  • Singapore – Manado – Sorong return
  • Singapore – Siem Reap one-way
  • Siem Reap – Hanoi one-way
  • Hanoi-Bangkok one-way
  • Kathmandu-Lukla return (to be included in a trek package)
  • Kathmandu-Paro return (to be included in a tour package)
  • Hong Kong – Manila return plus internal flights to Coron or El Nido and Boracay
  • Auckland – Vanuatu – Fiji – Cook Islands – Tahiti – Auckland (I think we will probably do this with single tickets. It’s annoying we couldn’t cover any of it with the LONE4) – by far the most expensive extra flights we are going to have to buy
  • Internal flights in French Polynesia (Rurutu, Bora Bora)
  • Quito – Galapagos return
  • Buenos Aires – Rio return

Still so much planning work to do!

2 comments on “OneWorld Explorer LONE4 RTW Ticket Itinerary

  1. Hey guys! Drew is still planning on meeting up with you in Nepal. I think I want to try to meet up with you in Austrailia! Any time frame? Much love! Lauron

  2. Hi Lauron, that would be great! I think we are pretty sure about arriving in Australia right at the start of June. If you’d like to do some diving you could join us in Cairns right around the 1st June.. or if you just want to join us for the wine country you could meet us in Adelaide around 12th June.. main target will be Barossa Valley and maybe some of the limestone coast.. It will be winter time there but it never gets too cold around Adelaide and apparently it’s a great quiet time to visit the wineries. We will probably spend 6 days or so there and then move on to Sydney. How long do you think you can visit for?