Got a great deal with AA for 5 nights in Aruba to get us out of the US for the required time for Stef’s tax reasons, provide us with a trial of our packing setup, get us status on AA before departing on our main trip, and give us a chance to add a few more dives to our logs and test the new diving toys we’ve got (more on that later).

Also I just realised that the picture I have on the wall at home (bought from IKEA a couple of years ago) is of a Divi Divi Tree on Aruba – have stared at that so much recently, I just have to find that exact tree on the island! What a coincidence..

8 comments on “Aruba!

  1. I have the same picture from IKEA in my home office.
    We found the exact spot of the tree. It is lcoated across from The Amsterdam, near Passions Restaurant.
    Have a great trip. We are frequent travelers to Aruba.

  2. Thanks for the tip Judy! We will definitely have to go sit there for a while. The two things I have on the wall in my home office/spare bedroom is this picture and a huge world map with lots of markers on it. Previously I had that map on the ceiling of my last room and would stare at it before I slept every night. I can hardly believe that the dream of going to all those places is about to come true!

        • Yea, but it was a disappointment. It’s in a busy place by a road and hotels. Jet skis and a big oil tanker parkes in the background. Plus the weather was cloudy and rainy that day – so our pictures didn’t look like quite the same paradise!

  3. Grandma can’t imagine where you are but wishes you a happy trip with LOTS of excitement!!!!!