The Flight Home

Well, this is it- after 291 days of travel we are on the flight back home. It’s quite a mix of emotion about heading back, but mostly, we are excited. We spent part of yesterday going through photos from the previous 10 months. Sometimes its hard to believe we saw & did so many things. It’s funny to think that the inspiration photos we’ve been staring at for years, we have seen with our own eyes.

Even now, when I look at the pictures from early on the trip, I sometimes can’t beleive that it was me that took that picture. We’ve been very blessed to have this opportunity and it has changed my view on the world as I suspected it might. I think it’s easy to have an opinion about something, be relatively informed about it and be dead wrong. I have a deeper appreciation for how much my upbringing and experiences have impacted my view of the world. It will be my continued challenge to keep an open mind about things, be compassionate about the individual people that are impacted by situations, and try not to pass judgement.

We met some amazing people on the trip, smart, hard-working & caring people, many of whom lived in less-than-ideal conditions, all of whom inspired me not to let conditions define the outcome. I hope I remember this as I start to re-calibrate what is normal in my own reality.











Now back home, to plan a wedding, look for work & see my dearly missed family / friends.


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