Raja Ampat

Diving in Raja Ampat was AMAZING! And so was our boat – the Dewi Nusantara (previously Paradise Dancer).

Pictures and a full write-up to follow!

Tomohon and Mount Mahawu

So, we arrived in Tomohon yesterday to climb Mount Lokon, only to discover that 5 days ago it had erupted, spewing a cloud of ash 2 miles high.. and unsurprisingly we weren’t advised to go up there. So this morning we did a quick rush-climb of the volcano next door (Mahawu, on the other side of the valley, totally dormant), then got the hell out of there. Now safely back in Manado, flying to Singapore tomorrow. Lokon looked pretty quiet from a distance at the time, but it was issuing a constant cloud of steam and we could hear the rumbling sound from it from Mahawu (4 or 5 miles away).