Top 5 Stoopid things we did in Aruba

1. We went out walking down the beach on a rainy day thinking we didnt need sun lotion. We got sunburned.
2. After we got 5km down the beach we stopped for coffee at a hotel. Couldn’t find our wallets in the bag, turned out we left them in our room.
3. I didn’t get new swimming shorts before the trip despite knowing that my old ones had an uncomfortable lining. After the 10k walk I have a bad chafing rash in the groin area and will NOT be wearing those shorts again!
4. I cut my finger on a bottle cap while trying to open a bottle of Balashi beer with a dumbass swiss army knife.
5. On a rainy night we went out for dinner without our waterproof jackets. A torrential downpour hit us within 60 secs of leaving and we got soaked to the skin. And I was stoopid enough to choose to take the non waterproof camera instead of the waterproof one!

Stay tuned for “Top 5 Stoopid Things” we do in other countries around the world!

Unlucky with the weather in the Caribbean?

After we suffered 6 or 7 days of straight rain in St Lucia during the “dry season” in April, it looks like we’re quite unlucky with the weather in Aruba as well, with quite a bit of rain over the last couple of days. Last night we went out to dinner in clean and dry clothes, and about 60 seconds after we left the hotel, we got dumped on by a torrential shower, and stumbled back into the hotel soaked to the skin. Gave up our dinner plans and ate cheese sandwiches in our room washed down with some Balashi beer! Next time we take our waterproofs out to dinner with us, and I need to get a waterproof bag/case for my camera.

But at least it was OK for some diving on Friday and Saturday, and we got one good sunset on Friday:

Wreck and Reef Diving in Aruba

We’ve done two days of diving (4 dives of 6) with Clive of Dive Aruba. It’s been a great, relaxed and stress-free experience. So far we dived:

– Sonesta Airplanes – first time I’ve been able to swim inside an aircraft cabin! Weird!

– Funnel Coral Reef

– Jane Sea Wreck – 250′ cement freighter in 60-90 ft of water. Really nice dive, with easy swimming around the cargo hold

– Barcadero Reef – shallower dive in 30-40′ – was supposed to be a drift dive but the current was so slight, it was more of just a “one-way dive”. Longest dive so far – nearly an hour.

We also got to test out our camera for the first time while scuba diving (with 40m housing). For the cost and size, the results are pretty good.. here’s an example of a Squirrel Fish.. More photos to follow.


Got a great deal with AA for 5 nights in Aruba to get us out of the US for the required time for Stef’s tax reasons, provide us with a trial of our packing setup, get us status on AA before departing on our main trip, and give us a chance to add a few more dives to our logs and test the new diving toys we’ve got (more on that later).

Also I just realised that the picture I have on the wall at home (bought from IKEA a couple of years ago) is of a Divi Divi Tree on Aruba – have stared at that so much recently, I just have to find that exact tree on the island! What a coincidence..